Let’s learn together what Dicens is

In today’s interconnected world of the cyberspace, the vast majority of people either read or watch any kind of content all day and night long. And most of the time the content available online is also created by users, usually free of charge.
In this huge information industry, only big players make a fortune while the users are basically receiving nothing. This imbalance created an information environment where fake news and click per click sites populate the internet, disrupting the quality of human information and most of the time causing confusion and conflicts of dire consequences.
Hence the appearance of Dicens on the stage to correct the imbalance and reward users adequately enough as partners in the cyberspace. After all, without users, otherwise consumers; there cannot be sufficient content nor a large population of consumers.

Dicens is the present active participle of “Dico”, the Latin verb “to say”. So , the meaning of Dicens is “speaking, saying, talking”. We chose a Latin verb to represent the strong fundamental values of Dicens: quality, authenticity and global essence.

Dicens allows you to publish and monetize your content in your own language with the entire world.

We want content creators to earn directly for the content they make and we want to guide them making great contents.

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