The Broken Golden Pen

Among the pile of broken vessels

Lies the black golden pen

With the quality ink still fresh

But broken in the sudden mess

By animals in human flesh 

Devouring men, women and children 

How can the pen write again? 

With the sudden pain and drain

Ball point broken at gun point 

The casing shattered like glass

In the midst of shattered mass

On a dark Saturday crash

Mixture of black and white 

Young and old cries alike

By the wicked agents of Al Shabab

Turning shopping into sobbing 

Where are the Mau Maus 

Of the days of old Kenya?

Or the spirit of Jomo Kenyatta? 

To bring back Uhuru 


Though the pen is broken

And the ink congealed

What is written is written 

The black golden pen

Your works are kept for us and children 


Our dear Kofi Awoonor

In memory of Ghanaian poet,  Kofi Awoonor, who lost his life in the West Gate Shopping Centre terrorists’ siege in Nairobi, Kenya on the 21st September, 2013.

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