Paymail add on and other features

We have been working to find a solution to our tipping system after quitting the poor service of Satoshi Pay which basically left many customers with no services all of sudden. Fortunately we have been in touch with Money Button and thanks to the release of “Paymail” during Coingeek Toronto conference, which enable BitcoinSV address to become as an email “[email protected]” we have finally integrated an automatic way to share tips with authors as soon as the reader kindly donate it.

Paymail is such advanced step toward usability, having an email address instead of a long alphanumeric code impossible to remember changes greatly the life of new users. It is much easier to on board people into Bitcoin with the new standard.

Now authors will enjoy more profitability on Dicens, end of month is the Dicens token sharing time (1 heart = 10 Dicens tokens) and every tip 50% goes to author immediately. (the rest is used to re purchase Dicens tokens)

However to enable Paymail add on we request our authors to upgrade their account for a 10,000 Dicens tokens.

This allows a natural selection of serious authors who invest into Dicens economy knowing that their return will be higher.

For more information visit the page upgrade.

The following is the newly tip system. As you see you can enter the amount you wish. This works if you have balance on your

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