Citron Cash Stellar Airdrop

🍊Thank you for your interest in Citron Blockchain Multi Payments project. We began to create it based on our own needs. Let’s try to briefly explain why it is needed and what multi payments are.

Today, we can use payments in the cryptocurrency mainly represent as a one-time payment for a particular service. At the same time, with every day the number of payments only increases. More and more users of crypto-currencies, and especially related businesses need to automate their payments. Today, this is very difficult because different blockchains are not connected to each other and each of the transactions has a higher cost of charging fees 🚧.

Citron is a first πŸ’Έ hub for blockchain multi-payments. It will allow organizing payments for a certain number of wallets in various blockchains (Stellar, Ethereum, Neo, others…) with a certain time interval in different amounts. Such a task requires a lot of fast transactions with a minimum fee cost (almost zero). Therefore, the Citron will be designed as a hub between networks in which the minimum cost and fast transaction speed are possible. It will be built on the basis of Stellar, Neo, Ethereum and its own blockchain network (partially Bitcoin core fork) in synergy with them. All this can ensure the reliable work of multi-payments (automated, instant and free transactions). Multi-payments have high scalability and can be used in a variety of business processes, from enterprise automation to online services integration. Citron will allow smart devices or services to share resources and make payments. Dashboard-Interface of Citron’s wallet will allow users to create and configure automatic payments of varying complexity πŸš₯

Citron Airdrop

Just create an XCT trust line and hold on it at least 1 XCT 🍊 to jump into airdrop members list πŸ’΅

10,000 XCT 🍊 to lucky one random asset holder!

Each asset holder will get Free XCT🍊

Federation URL:
Asset Code: XCT

Airdrop Date: May 25

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