Diruna make get your dream

maybe the tittle make you thinking, what Diruna its? Diruna is token from Indonesia with great whitepaper. likely other crypto , diruna can be trade with other crypto, sell and buy. now Diruna launch at Bitker.

The token have 900.000.000.000 total supply. high price at Rp. 14.000/$1, low price at Rp. 5 or 6 in they first year sosialiation. 

They announce the tokens with good strategic. they have a great support system, comunity and have great market at dirunapoint.com.

 if we have diruna tokens we can hold an get opportunity from diruna. but we must hold 10 diruna and get 0.01 diruna every day from them, and we can redeem to exchange diruna for our need. can be check at telegram : @diruna_auto_redeem.

for ask them you can join telegram group at @DirunaCommunityInternational .

Diruna have much project, you can learn about their whitepaper at diruna.org. Diruna bigger not for single but for together. stay learn about diruna and get opportunity from them. 

good luck .

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