DOF is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.

Welcome to the DOF (Door of Future) family. We entered this blockchain business
with a simple background and totally blind about the blockchain.
My career began when I entered the world of commerce and industry as an actor
trade and services, whether construction services or transportation services. Then I
entered the world of construction and property in 2012 – today. Experience
construction, property, transportation services, consulting services for frame installation projects
Mild steel and land loans are ready to build. We sell assets / land ready to build
on credit to the consumer community, because they see other opportunities
better. Apart from providing land, we also supply steel frames and
metal tile include installation. We decided to open
steel frame showroom, open land ready to build (plots ready to get up),
in collaboration with land owners, fashion retail, shoes and clothing bags with
own production and accommodate several other clothing brands. Finish our product
are: land ready to build, dress, install lightweight steel frames for
housing, factories and so on. Besides that we also have a notary deed permit
the establishment of our own business and other legalization.
We first conducted a reseach, study, and finally in 2019
decided to enter the digital blockchain-based world by making TOKEN DOF
and will be developed into DOF COINS and platforms and Exchangers themselves
to support the funding of the above projects. DOF is cryptoaset.
Crypto assets are virtual / digital business derifatives of assets in the real sector.
We know very well, now the problem in the financial side of the world is
control of economic factors by capitalists and certain countries, because of them
have regulations and restrictions on the rules of the game for their benefit. Already
it’s time for us to reform, for the sake of a more transparent and world economy
Trusted. The Blockchain changes the game of strict regulation from capitalists, from
centralization becomes decentralized. From its origin, DOF is designed not only
as a financial instrument or just an investment product. We have more vision
big, and that is building a better and bigger economic ecosystem.
Without a solid ecosystem, an investment will not work for the long term.
We believe, with this DOF, a new economic ecosystem has begun. We
will accommodate thousands of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to join
with our community, to grow and contribute to the future
better humanity. Once again, welcome to the Door of future family.

DOF was born to provide welfare for the community. We are present for
help all groups lead to a more positive standard of living. We have
ambitions to alleviate poverty, fight economic injustice, and
provide investment instruments that are fair to all parties. All visions, missions, and
this ambition will be manifested by a method that emphasizes taste
love, mutual trust, trust, caring for others, and creativity and
advanced technology. For investors, DOF provides investment assets with concepts
futuristic. From the technology used and the business model, it will improve
profits for investors. The technology used by DOF has a process
transactions that are faster, bigger, and can be trusted. Also included will be more
cost effective and environmentally friendly. From an investment perspective, we have a mission to
creating an investment platform with a low risk of loss. Especially inside
cryptocurrency investment, the risk of losing capital is very high. Already a lot
cryptocurrency which has decreased in price after ICO, which is
resulting in large capital losses. DOF minimizes investment losses
by developing a system “DIP (Door income point)”. For every 125
DOF tokens initially to a certain balance limit. DOF integrate
himself with a small and medium business, a real business. For them, DOF provides
application to build strong communities and ecosystems.

DOF is a Stellar platform based token. At the beginning of development, DOF
developed under the platform
stellar. After development, later the DOF will Migrate to DOF coins and make
the platform itself or develop the main chain itself. This token is
product software products (not cryptographic currencies) made as
evidence of limited rights and ownership. Coin owners to use the feature function
decentralized on the website:
The process of creating tokens which will later be circulated to the market and processes
blockchain related to buying and selling transactions will be carried out
separate. The DOF Blockchain is a completely new blockchain,
independent, however
still connected to the parent chain, (which is called “Ardor”). The goal was created
DOF blockchain to make it easier for developers to blockchain systems
no need to focus too much on the development of the blockchain component as
basic material (database) system built.

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