NHCX are assets that run on Stellar Lumens platform that aims to be a community of trust in large

What it NHCX? No Hoax Coin (NHCX) is the original coins are made not based on a hoax to be popular or
false news to make prices volatile. NHCX made for the real thing, starting with real teams and real work.
No coins hoax that was developed not only to invest without profit, coins hoax developed to transact in real
life, with the aim of maintaining the quality and quantity NHCX. As evidence of the major developments of
the coin deception will be used for the payment method, electronic transactions and transfer money rapidly
to all corners of the world. As a small example to facilitate the needs of our daily lives.

The new era of money is here. Instant and secure payments that cost less than a penny to send NHCX in
any amount to anyone in the world. NHCX designed for everyday use gives you full control over your
digital money. NHCX will allow you to transact, we will always give the best for you.

NHCX Features
• Save and Secure
Save and secure is our number of priorities. Our
store mostly NHCX in safe storage.
• Easy Payment
Gives you the flexibility to pay for your purchases immediately
or to pay over time. It is easy to implement, easy
use and there whenever you need it.
• Complete Risk Control
We maintain a strong risk management, compliance
with regulations, and exceptional operational control.
• Great benefits
NHCX offers great benefits to users via trade
Quantitatively, investment options, and sharing of benefits from NHCX

No token Coin Hoax
NHCX is a token issued by No Hoax Coin. Total supply
NHCX token is 20.190.000.
NHCX token distribution structure:
1. 40% of the total supply NHCX will be sold to participants at
Private Sale.
2. 20% of the total supply will be distributed to Airdrop NHCX,
Bounty, and events for participants NHCX.
3. 20% of the total supply NHCX will be sold to participants at
Public Sale.
4. 15% of the total supply will NHCX allocated to the team
members as a reward.
5. 5% of the total supply will be allocated to investors from
NHCX as a reward.


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