Dicens white paper, token re-purchase and more updates

Here at Dicens we think everyday how to improve our ecosystem and the profitability of our current and future authors.

Here some important updates:

The white paper is finally available in English and soon will be also translated in several languages. You can download it here

Our token Dicens has been added to SWPlug online shopping plugin, which means it is available to use to thousands of users around the world.

Dicens has been also added as a payment option to the website ItaliaClick.com and to Dicens Market Place

Dicens now pay authors with a monthly voting system: more heart you get, more Dicens token you earn. More info here.

What happen to the donation you kindly send us through Satoshi Pay and Basic Attention Token?
Dicens will use XLM and BAT donations made in the site, articles and automatically, to re-purchase Dicens token for giving price stability.

We believe this is a very effective and practical way to give value to readers donations and as a whole to Dicens ecosystem.

If you enjoy Dicens and you want to donate directly here are our addresses:



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