Updated 13th May 2019

Earn with Dicens

Dicens goal is to support authors creating good contents.
That is why Dicens pays authors for each heart readers give.

This new approach allows Dicens readers to enjoy content freely while expressing gratitude by donating a virtual heart.
We turn this heart into 10 Dicens token.

Your article will earn 10 Dicens token per heart you receive.

What is Dicens token?

Dicens token is the asset of Dicens.co built on the Stellar Blockchain.
It powers the content creators economy in Dicens and in the Dicens Market Place. It is also adopted outside Dicens ecosystem, since it has been listed in SWPLUG wordpress plugin for Woo Commerce that powers hundreds of online shops and currently it is also used on ItaliaClick.com

Dicens token is also traded in Stellarport.io against the following pairs:

Dicens / XLM (Stellar)

Dicens / BTC (Bitcoin)

Dicens / USD

Dicens / CNY

Dicens / SLT (Smart Land)

Dicens token details

Supply: 27,000,000

Payment Schedule

You will receive your Dicens tokens to your Stellar address at the end of the current month (number of heart x 10 Dicens tokens).
The current month article produce pay only until the end of month.
(example: May 1,000 heart will get you 10,000 Dicens token, but in June you need to write new articles, previous month articles will not earn tokens).
The rate can change anytime. You need to check this page to be up to date.

Where do we get the fund to pay you?

Dicens token is our promise to support content creators but we go a step ahead in supporting you by re purchasing the token in the exchange.
We need to do that to help price stability.

How do we do that? We use the fund that readers donate on Dicens

The donations come to us in 3 ways:

Money Button

You will see at the end of each article this tiny cute blue buttons.
This is how simple is to donate on Dicens thanks to www.moneybutton.com

Basic Attention Token.

BAT is donated automatically or through the tipping banner.

Advertisement and sponsors

Thanks to the fund collected through TonicPow which is another BitcoinSV service to rent ads place on Dicens.

For more info contact us at [email protected]