Citron and Dicens is family

yupz, i am try to join citron first and i enjoy. because inside they comunity much program and game o’course. you can get citron just for example write “/tip 30 xct”. a lot of game you can play and you get citron from that. now you can get citron just write at dicens too. they have program if you write at dicens, you can get a lot of citron.

yupz, i get citron with write at dicens. and get dicens too. double opportunity i get in one touch. 

you can join citron comunity at telegram : @citroncash. you can met much people and they very humble.

citron airdrop can you get at 25 may 2019. in first launching for publik. 

its interest crypto must you hold likely dicens too. dicens just launch 27milion con crypto, maybe in next time this coin have good rate. try to buy two of them. hold them and get opportunity.

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