Dicens Market Price

Every article creation earns 1 Dicens, however special rate is applied to the following contents:

English Categories Market Price

Category Pay out
Environment 100 Dicens
Food 50 Dicens
Buddhism 100 Dicens
Travel 50 Dicens
Spirituality 100 Dicens
Politics 100 Dicens
Product Review 100 Dicens
Human Rights 150 Dicens
Language Market Price

Language Pay out
Spanish 100 Dicens
Italian 50 Dicens
Korean 50 Dicens
Chinese 200 Dicens
Romanian 50 Dicens
Thai 100 Dicens
Tagalog 100 Dicens
Hindu 100 Dicens
Quality Content Market Price

Content Quality Pay out
Low 25%
Medium 50%
High 100%
The content quality is decided by our editors, following criterias of is Authenticity and

You write about a category that pays 100 Dicens but you just write a paragraph or your content looks like copy and paste. You get low pay out.

You write in a language that pays 50 Dicens and your content quality is high, you get 100%.

After you create a content, you will receive your Dicens payment on your Stellar address within 24 hours.
The rate can change anytime. You need to check this page to be update.

For more info contact us at [email protected]

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