DICENS token

What is DICENS ?
~ DICENS is the digital Token native to the stellar Blockchain of Dicens.co a publishing platform where content creators can monetize their works earning Stellar and Dicens token.
You can start today to monetize your stories, try Dicens.co.

~Buy DICENS Token on Stellarport :

~Reward Airdrop :
1000 Dicens for first 500 participants. (500,000 Dicens)
100 Dicens for the next 8,000 participants. (800,000 Dicens)
50 Dicens for the next 20,000 participants. (1,000,000 Dicens)
10 Dicens for the next 170,000 participants. (1,700,000 Dicens)
~Total Airdrop : 4,000,000 DICENS divided to 198,500 participants

The first token distribution of 500 participants will be done live and the rest will be done at then end of August 2019

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