Dicens Trick

What is Dicens?

Dicens.co is a website platform where content creators can monetize their stories in any language the wish.

In order words, it is a website where content creators are paid for articles well written, reviewed and posted on their platform.

The site is fully multi language. Writers are given the opportunity to earn with Stellar and Dicens token.

Dicens pay 1 Dicens token for each article posted and published..

If the article is excellently done, Dicens can donate to the author up to 100 Dicens token.
But payment varies from topics to topic as some topics can make you earn more. Currently, topics on Environment, Travel, Culture will attract the payment of hundred (10) Dicens token.

What makes Dickens Global( Dickens.co) tick?

1. This project is legit with genuine and experience team

2. Transparency is the order of any business and dicens has extremely transparent admins and board members and team

3. Excellent and cooperative community: I can say this Dicens community is virtually the best so far I have joined and known.

4. Respectful: The admins are very polite and respectful

5. Selfless: The admins and team are willing to serve and not selfish like other ICO companies that scoop out penny from every member for their selfish interest.

6. Giving: This project is all about giving.

7. Working product: This project has a working product and makes it quite special and unique. It is the first cryptocurrency platform where you are paid for every content you write.

8. Love: This community is an evidence of love. Everyone communicates as one. You will never know the difference between an admin and community members because everyone is seen as family.

9. Right on point: The admins and developers are always on point and manage every resources at they come

10. Not extravagant: They are not wasteful of resources

11. Ahead of schedules. No trust can be achieved when crypto projects do not fulfill their goal as at when due and when its stated in the plan. Dicens team has the best men for the job

12. Sacrosanct: Everyone is passionate about the project.

13. Vision. No project survives and achieves its dreams without vision. What is vision? Simply faith + action= Vision

14. Excellent CEO and board members.

15. Most efficient developer

16. Best community activities that keeps everyone active hence, always willing to be online.

17. Lastly best in wealth distribution. Every token or coin got, is rightly earned through writing..this is first cryptocurrency paying for contest writings.

Long live Dicens Global

To learn more visit https://www.dicens.co


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