Hot News on the Market. The Greatest Combination of the Time. DICENS Token + CitronCash – XCT.

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Great news guys!

With the rapid development of the economy today and the increase in the value of digital currencies in the market exchanger, there is a kind of digital money produced with the greatest combination.
Bitcoin SVBSV ( was created with a combination and collaboration of DICENS Token with CitronCashXCT.
With the great vision and mission of CitronCashXCT and combined with the power of DICENS Token it is not impossible that Bitcoin SVBSV will refresh the digital money market a little longer.
CitronCashXCT is a Stellar Lumens project, I, with XCT since the beginning of the show on the Stellar market and have helped many of its investors with great mission and vision.
DICENS also has its own strengths and strengths to be firm in its footsteps and has received a lot of it.
With this combination of two types of digital money, it will make Bitcoin SVBSV digital money more competitive, strong and advanced in the future with digital money on the market because the Bitcoin SVBSV has the best and greatest mission and vision.
For those who have yet to have digital XCT Money, DICENS and BSV, this is the time for you to have it. Be the earliest, don’t take any more care, don’t look at it and don’t wait so you miss to have a great advantage.

Below is little information about the realization of the Bitcoin SVBSV.

🔥🔥🔥 Today, Dicens & Citron started an excellent experiment with BitcoinSV.

We created a reserve with 100 BSV, and then created an BSV-anchor on Stellar

Starting next week, it will be included in Stellar DECEX. But only for a few days as a test, we will complete the creation of an anchor center for depositing / withdrawing and run it again.

This is the address of the asset that you can check and create a trust line

Federation URL:
Asset Code: BSV

Now supports USD and Bitcoin SV. We’ll use Bitcoin SV, moving to Stellar for it.

Thank you to my readers for taking a little to read my comments

Don’t miss to have the DICENS Token, CitronCash-XCT & BSV.
Be the first because you won’t get a second chance.

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Do not let go of this opportunity, let us together recognize victory.







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