How big we are?

In the last few decades the science had evolute in a very fast way. Thanks to the technology today we can study the particles with a very high precision .it has been discovered that the atom is not the smaller part of the cells.

Lately was discovered that even the neutrons, protons and the nucleus of the atom can be divided into smaller parts.

I’m sure that you have heard about the nanotechnology and artificial intelligence.

Let’s say that when the artificial intelligence will be fully functional , it will be so smart that will be able to create super intelligent nanopeople (one nano=0.000000001 of a unit). And they will create their own culture, they will have reproduction sistem and multiple themselves. At there size a population of 7bil people will be able to live on a coin and they won’t know it, because they wil have other fizic laws and other gravity laws. And the laboratory where they was created will seams like the whole universe

And in time they will  study there own nanotechnology and create their own nanopeople and so on. 

Now go outside and watch the sky of the night, and when you come back live a comment about how big or small do you think we are.

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