Stellar XLM’s Magic Mass Adoption Bullet is a wordpress plugin for your website, it allows ecommerce website owners to accept payment with ZERO fees. Both & are still giving away XLM crypto to educate new cryptocurrency users. Ecommerce sites should use the plugin and offer the giveaways to their clients, help educate the public and give clients money to buy your products. 


  1. Spread this to as many ecommerce website developers as possible. They can sell their products and teach people about Stellar simultaneously by putting the payment widget on their site and Offering the two XLM giveaways. It’s the key to mass adoption!

  2. Stellar’s price grows with adoption, you want billions of Stellar XLM wallets hodling XLM savings accounts. Stellar & IBM partnership will make all XLM hodlers very very happy soon. Ecommerce website developers could make their clients wealthier than they where before they ran in to you. šŸ˜

  3. Tips are welcome, here is my Stellar xlm public wallet address: ā¤


  4. I recommend all Stellar XLM Hodlers refer this information to all affiliate marketing programs & firms. They would go nuts with this!! It is going viral!

    1. You should also put the twitter search feed widget on your site, there are plenty of giveaway invites in the twitter search feed “Stellar XLM”

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