The Best Combination And Collaboration For Citron – XCT & Dicens

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The Story of Citron and Dicens and their partnership

First of all before going into details about Citron – XCT and Dicens partnership, we need to understand what both of them are as individuals first.



Let’s begin with Citron, it a non profit organization which is based on blockchain technology and digital identity. What that means is, they automate managements of digital assets by triggering smart contracts thus, aiming to create a “Smart Economy”. The Citron Project initiated in early 2018 and since then has been blooming towards Success. They are listed on 2 Exchanges currently and are aiming to be listed on more. When the right volume has been reached, CMC listing will be applied and from there the market of Citron will grow at a rapid rate. To learn more about Citron and their Vision, Visit their website and read their whitepaper and Roadmap at: or Join Telegram Group:


Dicens which is derived from a Latin verb means “Speaking, Saying, Talking” which is completely in sync to what they have to offer, had started in Early 2019. It may also be called “Crypto Newspaper”.

It is another amazing project where they have introduced a platform for all types of users where they can write, share and earn free money through articles and many more. Normally in the current situation, only owners of platforms benefits from it, but with Dicens everyone is benefiting especially users/ members for their time spent on the Platform. In other Words they allow you to monetize your content. To Learn more about this amazing Platform, Visit their website, Read their Whitepaper and Roadmap at: or Join Telegram Group:

Partnership between Citron and Dicens

Citron and Dicens have both come into an arrangement that it would be wise to support each other to Increase their token value and help each other with their progress. BSV is an anchor to the stellar Blockchain and will be used as a Bridge between the 2 Projects. As a benefit from Dicens, Citron will be able to use the Dicens platform as their main News Platform and Acquire a certain % of fee in terms of BSV and Dicens. And on the other hand Citron will be helping Discens on further development of their project to reach the potential growth they desire.


We can see that both of the project are amazing and are trying to achieve something. And to be fair, the partnership is a good thing as sometimes you need help to grow to reach success. Collaboration between 2 projects opens doors to many new ideas. As Citron is doing something good with their non profit organization for the community so is Disence going something beneficial for the Community

Note: XCT, Dicens, And Bitcoin SV (BSV) are all built on the Stellar Lumens Blockchain


– Citron XCT is trading on 3 Exchanges —, and

– Dicens is Trading on 2 Exchanges — SDEX — &, and can be bought with FIAT or Crypto on —

– BSV Is Trading on Several Exchanges, List can be found on —

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