Editor job

Every post you submit on Dicens will be reviewed by our editor. Despite we do not want to censor, this is the best way to have a safe quality oriented publishing platform.

We will not allow: spam, airdrops, illegal contents.

Your content will be published within 24 hours, most of the time it will be online very fast.


To monetize your contents, you need to add Satoshi Pay blocks inside your content. If you miss doing so, our editor will add for you few donation buttons.

We recommend you play in a creative way with Satoshi Pay, some suggestions:

put an ebook you wrote under payment

place a paywall after some text

ask a payment for some melody you have created

There is no limit you can ask, but be reasonable! Would you pay 10$ to read a paragraph? ^_^

Micropayments are named like that because the commission are so tiny they are so convenient! Let’s remind us the reader convenience is important!


The Satoshi Pay income you will generate will be sent to you as payment after deduction 15% commissions (10% Satoshi Pay + 5% Dicens)

We will send your payment within 24 hours, directly to the Stellar address you registered on your profile. We will also send you a receipt for the payment to your email.

While we are busy completing our help guide, please contact us by email for any issues at [email protected]