Intermittent tech fasting

Have you seen this new generation? Their life is spent mostly in front of display while walking, sitting, and who knows what else.

They are connected through this new interfaces to a multitude of people, interests and information.

The new way of interacting with reality, affects every aspect of life: shopping, dating, finding a job, chatting, arguing, reading and so on.

The pool of data is vast as infinite and there is not time to deeply research, the fruition is fast and mechanized.

Think about Tinder… you swipe left, right, until finding someone who you think is cute, then chatting easy things with the aim of meeting. Isn’t it so similar to browse an online shop for getting the best deal?

We who lived the transition from a human interface to the computer interfaces, remember well that before the spreading of online shopping, most of us were thinking that online shopping won’t prevail, because you want to touch a clothes, wearing it… looking with your eyes, before really fall in love with it and buy it.

Well that could be true for romantic people of the human interface time, when between us and the world there was not internet, there was not google.

When we missed our love, there was no way to call it all the time, no message, no emoticon… you could just wait for him/her to come back from that summer trip, from work.

That situation created powerful emotions, because you could feel it. It is a bit similar to one person who is eating every time, and one who does intermittent fasting: the second person will appreciate food much more.

Where is the our intermittent use of computer interfaces?

I am not referring only about being online, being online is now kind of default, what I am more bothered from is when you are with someone drinking a coffee, and your friend, partner plays with the phone, shows you the photos in the phone, take selfies and never just leave it for a moment and being in your presence.

I use technology a lot, but I discovered also that we need to take a break from it, many breaks during the day. It will improve our life and concentration.

Sport, meditation, reading cannot be done while looking into your phone. You need to make those activities phone free.

You will find that there is a need for you to check your phone that is not really related to the phone, it is something more psychological than that.

It is the need we all have to be loved, to be cared of. You want to check if someone has written you, if you got some likes on your photos, you cannot wait to read the answer to your messages… and you keep checking and checking.

Just give yourself some hours to be alone, to forget about this interconnected reality and start to experience through your human interface which is the coolest ever available.

A good starting point is to go to a museum alone and to lose yourself observing abstract arts, colors and imagination.

Before you go for a natural holiday without phone ready to take selfie, enjoy step by step more and more time of mental rest and just be.

You will love it.

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