Human Rights Abuses Against the Foetus


The United Nations Charter of 1948 contains a universally agreed on standards of human co-existence irrespective of color,  race, class, gender, educational qualification, etc. These clauses of  agreement are  broken down into 30 in number – called Articles. 

A laudable effort as it is , the irony of it down the ages is the self-caused violation of the rights to life and good health of the fetus – the unborn child by the pregnant mother. 

We shall look at a few of  such violations with a view to correcting the deliberate but majorly ignorant acts by the stakeholders – government, the family,  especially the pregnant woman. 

Firstly,  the pregnant woman violates the right of the fetus ( the pregnancy)  if she is an alcoholic, or into other drug addictions such as smoking marijuana,  injecting heroin, cocaine,  among others. Why?  It is because everything the woman eats, drinks or takes affect the baby.

What specific damage or damages can these addictions cause to the unborn child? 

A cigarette-smoking pregnant woman exposes her baby to nicotine and other dangerous chemicals in cigarettes. Some of the dangers are premature birth, baby developing an addiction to nicotine, baby having breathing and behavioral problems, or death before it is born or in the first year of life. 

Moreover, drinking liquor while pregnant can cause health hazards to the baby such as seeing and hearing defects, too small in size at birth, difficulty with  eating and sleeping, problems of learning in school : attention deficit, poor cognition, to just list a few. 

Similarly, pregnant women who use hard drugs such as marijuana, heroin,  cocaine, meth, ecstasy, can cause lifelong harm to their babies. Such harms are premature birth,  slow growth, exhibiting withdrawal symptoms, having fever, poor sleep,  shaking and vomiting. The list does not end there, the baby may have heart problems or a stroke as well as suffer lifelong disabilities. 

Why is government partly responsible in this?  Awareness creation is a key responsibility of government the world over,  to enlighten the public and reemphasize the potent dangers of such harmful habits. 

The family is in the picture because it is the core of the society. Every family should strive to live a certain level of ethical and decent lifestyle which will ensure harmful habits are discouraged and deviant traits are promptly helped by getting professional counsel and aid. 

Given the observation of the aforementioned,  and government’s active role in enlightening the pregnant womenfolk,  the world will be ready to welcome healthy,  sound and productive new generation of men and women. 

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