The Hands of God

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. But it is a much more fearful thing to fall out of them.

I was enjoying my morning coffee while watching Ryan X Charles, creator of Money Button, last video on youtube about his “religious experience in Toronto”. Next to my coffee a copy of Eckhart Tolle “A new Earth” waiting to be opened. I reflected about Ryan video while reading the subtitle of Tolle book “Awakening to your life’s purpose” and I started chatting to him on telegram about it.

It is good to have a life purpose, no matter your field. It is also exciting to be part of changes. I told Ryan how I am trying to adopt tech to give my small contribution to adaptation. For myself it is also a way to deal with the world outside Korea. Believe me, after 13 years to deal here, you want to have more interaction with the rest of the world.

My “regular” job keeps me in touch with Italy obviously since I deal with food producers and logistic companies, but despite my passion for food and trade, I also need to expand my knowledge and interest to new tech not to miss any coming opportunities. Bitcoin is for me also this, it is a way to reconnect to a more global stage and reinvent myself following my innate interest for technology.

Watching Ryan 17 minutes video and talking right after with him gave me a feeling of mysticism, without noticing it, I experienced a sense of connectedness. I was impressed by him sharing this experience of entering into a church after 20 and more years, speaking about Jesus, about following some ideas and how the world rejects good ideas and I suddenly thought about dear Sangharakshita, the founder of FWBO.

If you know Sangharakshita, you might wonder what is the connection between the world of Bitcoin and of Buddhism. Let me explain that.

The connection between is in me, these two worlds are both fruit of my interest and I have actively looked for them, exploring them, learning and finding my way to let them know about me.

Both of these different realities share a common goal, it is about working together, enabling a better version of life, these are practical goals. In both cases there is a growing vibrant community that you can fit in, both cases I experienced them online. In the case of Sangharakshita podcasts, I have been listening to him so many times that I begun dreaming about him and me talking. In the case of Bitcoin, I have been receiving a kind offer to involve by the community. Despite not being a development or having a special product to offer, the community is very supportive and this is very meaningful to me.

Suddenly thinking about this, I remembered an audio of Sangharakshita talking about “The Hands of God”, I tried some keywords to find it, it didn’t work. I tried just search for FWBO videos, then I just searched the complete sentence I remember: “It is a fearful thing…to fall to the hands” and I got it.

The Hands of God
It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
But it is a much more fearful thing to fall out of them.

Did Lucifer fall through knowledge?
oh, then, pity him, pity him that plunge!

Save me, O God, from falling into the ungodly knowledge
of myself as I am without God.
Let me never know, O God
let me never know what I am or should be
when I have fallen out of your hands, the hands of the living God.

That awful and sickening endless sinking, sinking
through the slow, corruptive levels of disintegrative knowledge
when the self has fallen from the hands of God,
and sinks, seething and sinking, corrupt
and sinking still, in depth after depth of disintegrative consciousness
sinking in the endless undoing, the awful katabolism into the abyss!
even of the soul, fallen from the hands of God!

Save me from that, O God!
Let me never know myself apart from the living God!

D.H. Lawrence (1885–1930)

The morning became very insightful after reading several the entire poem for the first time. I had listened to it as being quoted but I never reflected about it reading carefully.

Sangharakshita with the Dalai Lama

Sangharakshita in his talk, replaced the word “living God” with “Absolute Truth”, just to adapt to a more Buddhist context. In our tech world, in the age of Bitcoin and online trolling and science, we could replace with “Progress and evolution”. Fearful to fall into it, because you can’t fool yourself and the community. Your honest contributions will be met with critics, false spread of lies and who knows what else. More fearful to fall out, because if your mission is to live for your ideals, you cannot given it up.

It is strange, the world is afraid of new stuff. There is a strong tendency to reject new technologies, new ideas.

I consider myself and people consider me an early adapter, and if I would have lived in the time of Jesus, I would have followed him and probably that would cause me a lot of problem, but life is much more interesting when you are receptive, when you can contribute to a bigger picture.

D.H. Lawrence

Work in an honest way, create, build value and listen to the world needs can be a modern way to be in the words of D.H. Lawrence “In the Hands of God”.

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  1. The work is a food for thought. Each of us in our climes can be in the will of God when we contribute positively to the human good.

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