The Power of a Smile

An outward facial expression of the pleasant inner feelings can simply be defined as a smile. Everyone wears a smile or smiles from time to time, even though we are in a world where there are myriads of  reasons to wear long faces. 

Knowing that grinning is winning will make you start a long journey into a wonderful life today because the benefits of a sincere and hearty smile are so many that no right-thinking person can dare ignore. People who are generous with smiles are more likable and approachable than people who frown or wear a deadpan expression . Let’s have a look at some of  these miracles in a smile. 

Super magnetic force of lasting relationships is in a smile. You will agree with me that no one will really feel at home in the company of a moody, depressed and uninviting person wearing a long face. Unhappy people are repellants to friendship,  they seem to radiate negative energy. Just as a warm smile is contagious, the moody face is; but this time around,  a moody effect depresses people around.  So,  if you have been looking for a social means of winning hearts and friends,  don’t look any further. The miracle is in a smile. 

Smiles are like super glue for relationships, it pulls spouses together stronger for a more lasting relationship than the mates who are not in the healthy habit of smiling. 

Happiness is derived in a smile,  just as we’re happy when we smile,  the simple act guarantees happiness. It’s a key factor in a fulfilled lifestyle. Realising that the world can never become Eldorado – a virtual state of perfection where there are no troubles, then making use of the potent but simple act of smiling is key to a happy life. 

Smiling is a universal language,  everyone irrespective of race, language, religion, class,  etc understands, feels and appreciates its power. So, smiling is contagious in a good way. 

Stress is everywhere in the world, but smiling is here too with its power to generate endorphins, the feel good chemicals associated with exercise. A smile also has a morphine-like action that relieves stress and reduces perception of pain in the brain. No wonder children in hospitals who are exposed to comedies often report less pain than their mates who are not exposed to such experiences. 

Why not switch on a smile today, it’s not learned, it’s a natural instinct, implanted in all of us in order  to cope with the daunting tasks of existence. The smile is your goldmine, don’t sit on the goldmine, crying of an empty pocket. The world is waiting for your smile!

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