Again on the road

Yesterday it was the last day with my family before a long 45 days trip 

My job is on of the most dangerous jobs in the world. But is still one of the most beautiful . A lot of people would like to pay to see what I see,but the true is that in my job is very hard for someone to make himself a family. 

Yesterday at 18:00 I’ve left with my hart broken and start another 45 days trip in Europe. Yesterday I’ve raid from SUCEAVA my native place to Cluj Romania. Today I’m loading from Cluj and I’m going in a 1808km trip to Dusseldorf Germany. The time is short 25 hours .

I will probably post every day about the places that I’ll visit. 

 For today I will tell you some curiosity about Cluj:

Cluj is one of the biggest cities in Romania and one of the cultural centers of Europe, but what is the most strange , near Cluj is one of the most haunted and rich in paranormal phenomenon the House Baciu forest.

Padurea Hoia Baciu
  • I’ll make another article about that forest in other day. But if you want you can search for HOIA BACIU on Google. You will be surprised.

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