My Dear Village

How I miss my dear village 

Far away from the noisy city

Where grandpa makes a choice 

To sleep in the room or out in the night 

With grandma just by his side

With no reason to ever fear

And other family stars


Moonlight tales before bedtime

Add colour to the nights 

Bedtime is on the mats

Nature’s massager for strong black bodies

It never does any hurt

The strong bond of my source 


The crows of cocks wake you at dawn

Cock crows – good timekeeper 

Never a day it fails its duty

The fresh airbreath of nature 

Greets a good morning 

After a good day’s work 

Food from the farm

Just as fresh as the dawn

Water from the clean stream 

Cool and germ-free 


How I long to visit my village

Hope you feel the same! 

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