The water (H2O)

I read something about water on and I remembered a documentary I’ve seen more than a year ago cooled the water ( ).
When I’ve seen it the first time I wandered myself if the the water really is alive ? Well this is one of the questions that the scientists didn’t have a real response even there are a lot of studies that might say so.
Did you know that from the beginning of the earth the amount of water is the same? Not 1 Gram more not 1 less. Even if every single life form is having and need water for survive the water is still in the same cantity . Did you ever asked you self how is that possible?

Did you ever think that only 3.5% from the total supply of water on the earth is freshwater? And from this, more than 69% of the water is solid in the form of glaciers and ice caps and can’t be accessed ?Freshwater available from Earth is 1% of the world’s total freshwater. Available freshwater is found in 70% of surface water (rivers, rivers, streams, lakes, etc.) and 30% in deep waters.
Analyzing the percentage points to one of the most alarming issues the planet is currently facing – the diminishing of freshwater supplies available. This real problem is happening globally daily due to the lack of water conservation measures. One third of the world’s population lives in countries where water consumption exceeds 20% of the country’s available water reserves. Whilst some of the lost water is naturally replaced by the water circuit in nature, it is necessary to replace each other with water conservation, rational and responsible use of our water supply and by filtering and treating non-potable water sources in order to obtain a safe drinking water.
But the purpose of this article is not to talk about the limited resources off freshwater , because the freshwater it is and it will be forever . The supply of water depends on everyone of us.
I wrote this article because I am curious about your opinions if the water can be alive! Remember that you can live a comment at the end of the article. And now let’s see something else about water:
According to the science :Water (dihydrogen monoxide) is a polar inorganic compound of the chemical formula H2O. Its molecule is formed by the combination of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom, thus being the oxide of hydrogen and the simplest calcogenic hydride. It is by far the most studied chemical compound, so some biochemists call water as a “universal solvent” for its ability to dissolve many substances. [1] [2] This property gives water the opportunity to be “the solvent of the living world.” [3] It is the only common substance that exists under all three forms of aggregation in nature: solid (ice), liquid (water) and gaseous (steam). [4]
Water molecules form hydrogen bonds between them, being strongly polar. The polarity of the water molecule allows separation into ions and the formation of strong bonds with other polar substances, such as alcohols and acids, thus dissolving them. Hydrogen bonds are the reason for many special water properties, such as that its solid form is less dense than its liquid form, boiling point of 100 ° C is relatively high for its low molecular weight, and thermal capacity that is high .
Water is an amphoteric substance (also called ampholyte), which means it can be both acid and base, ie produces H + and O-ions by ionization (also called autoprotolysis).

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