Dealing with backstabbers

John 2:24 But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men.
One of the most difficult things as a leader to do is, to manage and lead people. There are various people with different attitudes some based on their up bringing and others gotten from associating with others.
Not everyone who praises you today, actually loves you. Some are actually around you to suck you dry and probable give you a close marking so as to feed your enemies with vital information about you.
Not everyone who claims to be with you or beside you is actually with you. They may just be plotting how to leave you in the cold.
Not everyone who knees or bows to you, is sincerely paying obeisance or showing some acts of respect; they may just be picking up the next stone around to throw at you.
Do not commit your heart totally to anyone, love them but do not trust them why? so that when they hurt and leave, you won’t be heartbroken. Trust the Holy Ghost more.
Humans are humans, the first minute they may be shouting “hosanna! hosanna!!, singing your praise(s) and the next minute, they could be instigating a disheartening betrayal; sponsoring others to chant “crucify him!, crucify him!!.
Our Lord, Jesus Christ knew all men, meaning he knew their attitudes and pretense and he knew their plots against him, so he never committed himself to anyone.
How do you explain, that a chief treasurer could betray him? though it had been prophesied a long time ago with a curse attached to who ever that would betray the messiah but how do you explain it that the man from Kerioth, who happened to be the most educated among the apostles as at that time, and a great business man which expressly qualified him as the chief treasurer. A man, whose parents being Sadducees disowned for following Jesus and admitted into the apostolic fold could betray the one who loved him?
Some people who pretend to be with you now, trying to please you when they are around and discredit others before you, do you know what they are plotting against you?
How do you explain this, a chief deacon or main financier of church, close to the general overseer but is a secret spy with a very strong occult group sent to disguise as a member just to kill the preacher or to mess up the place and keep the church in perpetual bondage?
How do you explain of brothers plotting to kill their own brother for fame, power and wealth? How do you explain this, a preacher running another preacher down just to prove a point or just to discredit that preacher before others while in the real sense people who go close to find out the truth about the preacher; discovers it is just the opposite of what is being said .
How do you explain this, preachers setup others, poison their fellow colleagues or send hired assassins to kill just for position and wealth.
How do you explain this, a woman brings in a younger sister or cousin and she in turn either makes her invalid or kills her just to get her sister’s husband.
This is to help us think, pray and watch.Be wise in your dealings with people, to avoid becoming an unnecessary victim. Shalom!

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