A Long Walk Home Madiba

The stage is Africa

The curtain is drawn

He takes a deep bow

Waving the world an endless goodbye

Total darkness covers the hall

Of spectators all across the world

Gathered to catch a glimpse of the mystique 

Leaving the stage in bliss


The hero of human rights

Nelson Mandela moves on

On a long walk home to eternity 

Good bye, my Madiba 

Who came, saw and conquered 

With the voice of truth and hope

You brought your people the hope


Lift up your heads everlasting doors!

Or open on your accord oh eternal gates! 

Let this Madiba pass

He has come and here he passed 

The test of forgiveness and love

Of men wolves in sheep’s clothing 

Let the whole globe sing

The song of the triumphant 




He is Madiba Nelson Mandela

The living image of black Africa

Whom Robben Island could not rob

Of freedom of spirit and thought

Till the bars made him strong

And broke to hold no more

The freedom of all men

Who are the images of the Divine

Go on mystique Nelson

Away from the world of sin

A long walk home to rest 

And honour awaits you too

Just because you are true. 


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