Deafening Electricity Here!

Must we all go near-deaf and crazy

Just to have light in our homes? 

Must we all be noisy at work and home 

To have electric power in our power 

To put us on the same page 

With nations of this jet age?

How gigantic our electric generators are

To prove Nigeria the giant of Africa? 

Carbon monoxide is our daily dose

Big and small noses alike

Must take a dose alike

As the poor man with not even

‘ I Pass my Neighbor’

The same dose goes to him and family 

In a nation rich with noisy electricity 

Making us deaf imstalmentally 

And our loved ones dying the quiet death

Courtesy of carbon monoxide bought

With hard-earned money

And the easy free money 

That could have done the right thing 

And given us noiseless and fumeless power

Come home with me 

A place you think for rest

At bedtime my head is banged 

With grinding noise of neighbors’ generators 

Who relish the light gotten at a price

Of noise and carbon monoxide 

And when I buy mine

The noisier our lives will be

The more carbon monoxided our lungs will be

Good luck if we don’t die the bitter-sweet death

Of crowded houses and slums 

Shall we thank our electric corporation?

For making us generator-consuming nation

The response depends on you


A poem written to decry the poor electricity power provision in Nigeria. 

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