West Ham United Partners with Socios.com: Allows Fans to Choose Club Decisions Using Fan Tokens

West Ham United’s Premier League club has announced its new partnership with Socios.com which is a blockchain-based fan engagement platform.

The collaboration will allow club supporters to buy the right to vote on certain club decisions.

Although West Ham United is not the first club in the world to have a partnership with Socios.com, it is the first case of a partnership between the Premier League club and the Socios.com platform. West Ham United follows the example of a French club, Paris Saint Germain and Italian club Juventus.

Socios.com is the first mobile application for its type for soccer fans. This application can be used by fans to express their opinions about their club’s decisions by voting, receive club prizes and compete for various prizes. All of this is possible thanks to a special Fan Token that can be purchased and obtained in the application.

After collaborating with West Ham United, Socios.com will introduce the West Ham United Official Fan Token. This token holder will have the opportunity to influence the life of the club by participating in exclusive polls. The club will also provide special merchandise, gifts, games and other valuable things and experiences to its fans.

Karim Virani, West Ham United’s Director of Digital & Commercial, stated:

“The presence of West Ham United on the Socios.com platform will increasingly give us the ability to interact and get real-time direct feedback from our global fanbase.”

It is also known that fans will have the opportunity to buy West Ham United’s Fan tokens first at the start of the 2019/2020 season. If fans want to be more influential, they must have more Fan Tokens because more tokens provide more power. The token value can be changed due to market demand.

Speaking of their new partnership, Virani noted that they realize that many of their fans are active users of digital assets and West Ham United’s presence on the Socios.com platform will help establish closer communication with them.

“We are very pleased with the possibilities offered by Socios.com to provide the best experience for fans, whether they live within one mile of the stadium or thousands of miles away,” he added.

Emma Diskin, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Socios.com, also expressed her excitement about this collaboration by saying:

“We are happy and proud to have West Ham United as our first Premier League partner. With one of the most passionate and involved fan bases in the Premier League, West Ham United is a forward-thinking club that can maximize the potential of what fans vote and Fan Tokens can offer fans and clubs by building better engagement for football fans “

The West Ham United Official Fan Token is said to be offered only through the Socios.com platform. And because it will be able to trade against ChiliZ, the platform’s original token, it will be necessary for fans to buy ChiliZ tokens if they wish to become Fan Token holders.

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