Upgrade your Dicens

Do you want to join the only site that pays you to write in your own language and start to monetize your content online?

With your free account you will be start making content and earn Dicens token (check the current Content Market Price) However your content needs to be published by our Editors.

To get more from Dicens… you can upgrade

Paymail add-on

Receive instant tips in BitcoinSV on your contents.

10,000 Dicens
Request more info at [email protected]


Authors can publish/
edit/delete their own contents. (+

100,000 Dicens

If you need to copy and past the address:


To upgrade you Dicens account follow the following steps:

Send us an email at [email protected] with the following information:

Dicens username
Your choice of upgrade

Dicens is a publishing site that promotes quality content creation

Please Remember

If you abuse of your upgrade (post illegal contents), you will lose the privilege and your account will turn as standard contributor.

Do you need more Dicens token?

You have two options: 1) Earning Writing 2) Buying on Stellar Port

The Dicens token is trading on Stellar Port here.

Don’t forget to add Dicens Trust Line to your address!

To add Dicens token add:

Blockchain: Stellar

Custom Token: DICENS


*The Stellar Address you include in the email needs to have Dicens token trustline and from this address you need to send the token for the type of user you sign up for.